DJ Go!

alternate names: Annie Gowan
River Gowan-Stone

mix tape: [Untitled] Gray Mix Tape Maxell XL II 90

profile: “I’m the creator of the Mixalog. My current favorite artists are Fall Out Boy, Sufjan Stevens, Foo Fighters, Beastie Boys, and Prince. My most recent mixes have been very Missy-Elliott-centric.”



  1. […] [Untitled] Gray Mix Tape Maxell XL II 90 made by: DJ Limpwrist […]

  2. […] DJ Limpwrist comments: “For the Cure, this one isn’t so mopey. It starts with the premise that life is hard and mope-worthy, but then it exhorts you to fight! And then there’s a lovely tonal shift at the bridge, which is one of my favorite things in the world.” […]

  3. […] DJ Limpwrist comments: “Great song for karaoke and for figuring out your vocal range” Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Ode to the Mix Tape100bookshelf: Rob Sheffield & Mark Oliver EverettBell, ’Magic Tape’ — Free MP3 of the Day […]

  4. […] DJ Limpwrist comments: “This is the one that goes ‘Summer is ready when you are!’” Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)A book for hip-hop heads.Kevin Hoole – B-Sides Radio MixThe Dopeness Not The WacknessBell, ’Magic Tape’ — Free MP3 of the Day […]

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